JuiceBot is a distribution system that eliminates pre-packaging to shield raw, cold pressed juice from light and heat oxidation. Raw juice is very sensitive and starts to degrade in nutrient and enzyme content once packaged in clear plastic bottles. 


Every drop of cold-pressed juice in your glass is made locally, and 100% raw. The JuiceBot flips distribution on its head by allowing you to personally create and bottle your own juice. Cold pressed juice has optimal levels of nutrition for 48 hours after being cold pressed. The 20th century distribution model of bottling juice at a large plant and shipping it across the country no longer suffices. 

Automatic cleanse

The glass door dispenser stays locked until you are ready to purchase your raw juice. This prevents foreign objects from entering the dispensing area. In addition, UV light disinfects the compartment with a flush after every juice creation.


GLass is better

Even BPA free plastic bottles may contain other harmful chemicals such as BPS (Bisphenol S). We avoid chemicals altogether bottling your raw juice in glass jars.

Sleek Design

We focused on function while designing the JuiceBot but didn’t forget about aesthetics. It is the perfect addition to your coffee shop, office, gym, grocery store and apartment complex.